food and health communications
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Dr Carole Lowis
Director, Food and Health Communications


Carole has a Physiology degree (Sheffield 1987) and a Nutrition Phd (Glasgow 1990). After her PhD, Carole worked at the National Nutrition Institute in Rome and the University of Glasgow before moving to Northern Ireland in 1992 to take up the post of Nutritionist with the Dairy Council.


She was with the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland for six years, moving to North Yorkshire in 1998 to
set up her nutrition consultancy, Food and Health Communications. Carole now has more than 20 years
experience in nutrition communications, working with the food industry, health promotion organisations, government agencies, education and academia.


She is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health), a member of the Nutrition Society
and of the professional nutrition consultants group, SENSE.